I remember.

I remember when we were four and our parents use to make use hold hands and never whined. We use to laugh and smile and look at each other constantly, mostly bumping into stuff.

I remember when we were 10 and we never use to argue or fight, we always compromise to make each other happy.

I remember when we were 17 and we both went to the prom by ourselves like “cool guys” without dates. It was lame so I left, and you came to my house looking for me. Confessing your feeling and I did the same and you feel into my arms and we slow danced for hours.

I remember when we were 20 and we finally told our parents. Our dads and my mom flipped, but your mom was so sweet that she sent us these cute shirts that eventually started a heavy argument on who was the bad boy.

I remember when we were 25, and I wanted to make an honest man out of you. We were right there at the altar and I said my vows and all you did was blush and say “Well you’re cute”. We laughed, and then kissed for an inappropriately long moment.

I remember when we were 29, and we wanted the pitter patter of footsteps to echoed around our house so we adopted Madison and we just wanted to eat her up. She was such a little lady, we didn’t need anymore. 

I remember when we 36, and Maddie wanted to take up Gymnastics, so you decided to take the class with her. When I made home movies, and I use to see the pouty look on your face like you wanted the attention too. So I just hinted you could show me later on that night in our bedroom.

I remember when I was 49, and we watched our baby girl walked down that isle. I couldn’t keep the amount of pride I had from exploding out and you were just on the floor bawling your eyes out, quietly. You didn’t want to interrupt the service.

I remember when I was 62, and after years of Maddie claiming she just wanted to get her career together, and I almost think she was just waiting for us to croak because she didn’t want him to be spoil. But we did, as we should.

I remember when I was 78, and I lost my bestfriend. It was a regular day , not too hot and not too cold. But when I woke up that morning I knew something was off then I turn to you and that feeling was confirmed. You were gone.

Now all I have is your grave, which is under the old treehouse, it may sound dumb but when I walk close to the headstone, I feel your presents. And I just stand there and remember.